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Ōmukade (大百足 Ōmukade, lit. Giant Centipede) is a very large centipede yōkai.



In the manga, it appeared to revenge on humans on a specific village inwhich villagers started slaughtering countless centipedes for money to produce centipede oil as a special product.



He was a cunning character to trick Kitarō Family that he initially approached them and told that his kin had been threatened by a giant serpent, and lured them into their cave as a trap. It is unclear his minions are supernatural centipedes or not.

1985 Anime

1996 Anime

2007 Anime

Ōmukade appears in episode #13 of the fifth anime adaptation, Struggle! Bodyguard Nurikabe.

Powers and Abilities

Anatomical Liberation:


Acid: Ōmukade in the manga and in the 1985 anime emits an acid powerful enough to melt Nurikabe. The acid can be shot out from its mouth as a ranged attack.

  • Stomach Acid: Ōmukade in 1985 anime possesses a highly digestive stomach acid to melt his own body.



Controlling Thread : Ōmukade in 1985 anime can control objects and characters such as Haniwa-Musha with his threads.


Mukade Illustration

Ōmukade Illustration

Ōmukade are monstrous centipedes, with an unknown upper size limit, unlike their non-monstrous cousins. They are often depicted with dragon-like features. They highly aggressive and vicious, just like their tiny relatives but are more venomous and stronger, even being known to torment dragons. They have tough exoskeletons that can't be pierced, but if a weapon is coated with human saliva, which is toxic to them, then it can pierce through and wound it. These giant centipedes are extremely rare, where their extermination is shouldered by brave warriors as these giant centipedes pose a threat all around. In one legend, an Ōmukade who lived on Mount Mikami tormented the dragon family of Lake Biwa where the daughter of the dragon king requested the help of Fujiwara no Hidesato, who also killed a Dodomeki in a different legend. The warrior successfully killed and was bestowed marvelous gifts by the the dragon family.

Other legends of giant centipedes exist in other folklores, such as those among China,[1] Korea,[2][3] and Japan. Aside from numbers of legends in Japan, Mizuki introduced the legend of "Serpent Lady" (蛇娘 Hebi-Musume) from Korea, and a giant yōkai centipede appeared as the antagonist.[4] In various legends in Japan, serpents (dragons) and giant centipedes have been depicted as foes such as the divine battle of Senjōgahara, Nikkō.



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