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Akai (赤井 Akai) is a boy who appeared in fifth anime adaptation. He was among the children who messed with the stone shrine that held the Suiko.[1]


Akai is a short boy with a round face, brown hair that is swept to his left and fair skin. He wears a pair of circular opaque glasses, a yellow long-sleeved hoodie, black jogging pants with a single yellow stripe on both sides and blue laced shoes with white tips.[1]


Akai enjoys his video games, focusing more on it than his friends conversation. Like his friends he is mischievous, playing around with the stone stand at Ikebe.[1]


Fifth Anime

Akai joined his friends in destroying the monument that stood at Ikebe, unknowingly freeing the yōkai Suiko. Sometime later, he groups with his friends Kuroda and Shiraishi. The latter who heard that their other friend Aoki had disappeared in his bathroom, the only thing that was found were pieces of algae-like substances. He plays with his game console as his two friends argue with each other over how this incident might be caused by a yōkai, especially from what they did. While the two were talking, he goes to use a nearby restroom, but is soon abducted by the Suiko as water and the algae-like substance spills around. After the Suiko was defeated, he and the others are freed. Once he, Kuroda and Aoki wake up, they are scolded about their actions by Kitarō and his friends along with Shiraishi. After being given a warning, they run off scared from their eerie faces. The next day he and his friends are repairing the monument, being told to do so by Shiraishi as Kitarō watches them from afar.[1]


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