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Aku-Aku (アクアク Aku-Aku) is a skeletal yōkai from Easter Island.


Aku-Aku is a yōkai with a skeletal appearance, having white skin and bony features. He has long, voluminous gray hair that reaches the ground, a thick mustache and he lacks eyes, having pitch-black eye sockets. He wears a long teal robe that conceals his feet, with long sleeves, around his neck is a short mantle with a light blue trim and he carries around a staff that is topped with a skull.[1]



1971 Anime

Aku-Aku appeared in episode 35 of the second anime adaptation, Easter Island Epitaph.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Aku-Aku are humanoid spirits in Easter Island's Rapa Nui mythology. They are also known as Aku, Akuaku, or Varua. Aku-Aku are the spirits of the dead, however, they are not immortal thus can be disposed of, and they can be of either sex. Different Aku-Aku are associated with particular areas of the Easter Island and some of deified. They originally arrived onto the island with the legendary first settler of Easter Island, Hotu Matuꞌa. The original group of Aku-Aku numbered around 90 and were generally cannibalistic in nature.



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