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Akuma (悪魔 Akuma, lit. Demon) are a class of magical beings similar to Yōkai.

In the GeGeGe no Kitarō franchise, the term is usually used to refer to demons who appear in books such as The Bible and Grimoire and are normally depicted as Western Yōkai. Akuma and Yōkai are regarded as the First Humanity on Earth (地球の第一人類 Chikyū-no-Daiichi-Jinrui).

In the Akuma-kun franchise, the term refers to most magical beings, not exclusively demons mentioned from above, but also several Japanese Yōkai and other numerous creatures of myth.


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Powers and Abilities

Longevity: Similarly to Yōkai, Akuma are able to live for quite a lengthy amount of time and only die when defeated in battle.

Unique Abilities: Many individual Akuma have a number of abilities unique to them, ranging from Belial's Hundred-Fold Multiplication or Buer's hand manipulation.

Destructive Beam: Belial's army in the 1996 anime gathered and formed a shape of a giant serpent and shoot white blasts of beams from the mouth part of the serpent.

List of Akuma

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Satan's Flock

Other Akuma




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