Img amabie
Japanese アマビエ
Species Yōkai
Race Mermaid
Gender Female
Home Kumamoto (originally)
Yōkai Yokochō
Abilities Flash Precognition
Water cannon
Affiliation 47 Yōkai Warriors
First Appearance
Anime Series 5 Episode 26 (2007)
2007 anime Haruna Ikezawa

Amabie (アマビエ) is a mermaid and a friend of Kitarō who lives in Yōkai Yokochō. She only appears in the 2007 anime.


Amabie has a round head with a parrot like beak for a mouth, long pink hair and blue eyes. The rest of her body is covered in scales, around the neck they are white, from her arms and torso are mint green and her forearms, hands and tail are dark green.


Amabie is conceited and childish mermaid originally from Kumamoto who constantly squabbled with her neighbors. One day she met Aobōzu, who told her to go to Yōkai Yokochō to meet Kitarō and learn how to get along with other yōkai. However, likely due to her ego, she somehow mistook his advice and thought she was going to Yōkai Yokochō to become an idol. Though she butted heads with everyone at first, she frantically tried to help Kitarō save Sunakake-Babaa from being shot with Nurarihyon's arrow, using her precognitive abilities to assist him. Afterwards she was welcomed into the Yōkai Yokochō fold. She soon developed a crush on Kitarō and began following him around often, frequently clashing with a jealous Neko-Musume. She is also often seen with Kawauso, and the two provide a lot of comic relief together. She often smacks him around when she catches him talking bad about her.


Fifth Anime

Amabie appears throughout the fifth anime.
Episode 26: She first appears in episode #26 of the fifth anime adaptation, Yōkai Idol!? Amabie.

Episode 62: In episode #62, Kubire-Oni Beckons Deathshe makes use of her precognitive powers to open up a fortune-telling business. She disguises as a human while working, wearing a veil over her mouth and a shirt that conceals her arms.

Episode 82: In episode #82, Parched Life! Akashita Hot Spring, she is revealed to be the ninth of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors. She is the representative of Kumamoto and her mark's location is on the left side of her tail fin.


Flash Precognition: Amabie has the ability to see near-future events and locate the location of hidden things. However, most of her predictions are bad omens and things anyone could've predicted.

Levitation: She also has the ability to float on land, hovering just above the ground and occasionally above others' heads.

Water Cannon: She can shoot sea water from out of her mouth.


The Amabie is a legendary Japanese mermaid who, it is said, came from the sea and prophesied either an abundant harvest or an epidemic. There are similar mermaids related to her; Amabiko (アマビコ or 天日子), Amahiko (尼彦, あま彦 or 天彦), Amahiko-Nyūdō (尼彦入道), Arie (アリエ) and others.



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