The Anatomical Model, also known as the Laughing Anatomical Model, is a yōkai that haunts the science laboratory of Mana's school as one of its school mysteries.[1]


The Anatomical Model appears as a model of the human body, being only a model his body is split in segments around his arm, chest and head. The right side of his body has the outer features, having fair skin, short black hair and matching eyebrows, while his left side features the muscle tissues, the chest area shows the organs of the body, such as the lungs, heart, stomach, etc. On both sides his eyes have white sclerae, black irises and a lack of visible pupils.[1]


The Anatomical Model is mischievous as he laughs at night to prank the humans of the school.[1]


2018 Anime

The Anatomical Model appeared in the episode ten of the sixth anime, Vanishing! The Seven School Mysteries. He along with the other seven mysteries were captured by Yōsuke, due to him believing that they were after Hanako-san and were hung up in the gymnasium. After Yōsuke was defeated, He is rescued and returns back to the science laboratory.[1]


A common school mystery is of the Anatomical Model that comes to life at night. The model is usually found within the science laboratory, where its eyes will follow the person.


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