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Andrias Scheuchzeri (アンドリアス・ショイクゼリ Andoriasu shoikuzeri) is a race of gigantic demon monsters appeared in manga of Akuma-kun.


The Andrias are gigantic, demonic-looking monsters with a vaguely lizard like apperance. They have small eyes and a huge lipped mouth with two rows of sharp fangs.



The Andrias Scheuchzeri were once humans that were drowned in the Genesis flood. They are an ancient race that ruled the seabed long ago, and serve under Couleur, the evil god. One of their fossils was excavated along Lake Constance in Germany, and humanity thought it belonged to a prehistoric newt. They caused a massive havoc in Japan, but Haidora detected their weakness against specific sounds, and so they were defeated with Solomon's flute with a mute attached to it.

Powers and Abilities

The Andrias Scheuchzeri are extremely powerful beings that even the Four Princes of Hell cannot fight against.

Meteorite Summoning

Volcano Eruption

Mega Tsunami

Enhanced Hearing: The Andrias have incredibly acute hearing, though this also has a drawback as they are weak against specific sounds, such as the Solomon's flute.


The Andrias Scheuchzeri is an extinct species of giant salamander that lived from the Oligocene to the Pliocene, which is only known from fossils. The Andrias Scheuchzeri of Akuma-kun are likely based from the Newts from the novel War with the Newts by Karel Čapek, which also mention this extinct species.