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Aoi ( (あおい) Aoi, meaning Hollyhock or Althea) is a Yuki-Onna and a ally of Kitarō's in the 2007 anime, whose childhood best friend was Mashiro.[1]



Because Mashiro died, Aoi wanted revenge on Kitarō by blaming him for her death. Soon, Kitaro told Aoi to do whatever she would like to him, opening himself up to be killed. Just as Aoi was about to kill Kitaro using her ice spear, Mashiro's spirit appeared to defend him. Aoi acknowledges Kitaro's honesty and importance, finally forgiving him. Afterward, she is seen as kind and even playful, teasing Neko-Musume about her crush on Kitaro before she left Yōkai Yokochō and returned home to the other Yuki-Onna.


2007 Anime

Aoi appeared in Episode #77 of the fifth anime adaptation, Yuki-onna! Beautiful Vengeful Demon. In this episode, it is revealed that Mashiro was her best friend since childhood. She is also revealed to be the sixth of the 47 Yōkai Warriors and the representative of Yamagata. Her mark is located on her left breast.

Powers and Abilities

As a Yuki-Onna, Aoi has a wide range of ice abilities:

  • Ice Spear: She is able to conjure spears made out of ice.
  • Blizzard: She is able to create blizzards.
  • Powder Snow: She is able to send messages to far distances using powder snow.
  • Levitation:



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