Aya Ishibashi[1] (石橋 綾 Ishibashi Aya) is one of Mana's friend and a recurring human character in the 2018 anime.[2]


Aya is a girl around Mana's age and height with fair skin, straight black hair styled in pigtails. She wears a pair of glasses with pink rims over her eyes, which have brown irises. Her school uniform consists of a white long sleeve collared shirt, with a medium length teal skirt and matching tie, black socks and brown tipped shoes.[2][3] During the colder seasons, she wears a light teal, long-sleeved jacket over her collared shirt.[4] Her casual attire usually consists of a plain, cyan loose blouse, with dull blue striped skirt and brown belt.[5]



2018 Anime

Before class, she and Mana read an article that another woman fell into a coma recently. Aya describes that they become shrivel like old women before falling into coma. Hearing a thump, they see Tsutomu lumbering through the halls. After he passes them she asks if he's alright and expresses that he appears to have not slept in days.[6]


  • She originally had brown hair when she first appeared[2] and in Episode 38,[7] but was changed black in subsequent episodes.


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