Ayatsuri-Musume (操り娘, lit. Controlling Girl) is a yōkai that appears in the 2007 anime.[1] She is one of the yōkai created by viewers.[2]


Ayatsuri-Musume is a yōkai that resembles a girl with long pointy ears and shoulder length dark magenta hair. She has fair skin, blush marks on her cheeks and her eyes have blue irises. She wears a light lime green kimono with lime rims and a yellow obi bow in front. She has a pair of pink balls on her head with long flowing clear ribbons tied to it, yellow ribbons wrapped around her legs and a pair of orange geta with lime laces.[1]



2007 Anime

Chikarasui and Ayatsuri

Ayatsuri appears in episode #25 of the fifth anime adaptation, The Great Yōkai Sports Festival.[1]



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