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Not to be confused with the giant Bake-Garasu who rules Tōkatsu Jigoku.

Bake-Garasu (化けガラス Bake-Garasu, lit. Monster Crow) are Yōkai crows who often help Kitarō. They often deliver letters from the Yōkai Post and are frequently used for transportation.


The Bake-Garasu are indistinguishable to normal crows, as they have the exact appearance of them, being relatively small, covered in black feathers, black eyes, black beaks and dark yellow feet.



Manga/First Anime

1971 Anime

1985 Anime

A flock of Bake-Garasu were used by Nezumi-Otoko in order to make the giant invisible Nupperabō reveal itself.[1]

1996 Anime

Several Bake-Garasu were trapped by Kagami-Jijii within the Mirror World along with his other victims. They were later freed by Kitarō along Kagami-Jijii's other victims.

2007 Anime

Two Bake-Garasu perches on top of the GeGeGe House. A flock of Bake-Garasu flies over Kitarō and the others at the stone stand where the Suiko was sealed. The same flock gathers at a playground for Kitaro and Medama-Oyaji to find Kuroda, a child being hunted by the Suiko.[2] A flock of Bake-Garasu are heard cawing in forest near the GeGeGe House.[3]

2018 Anime

They first appear in the first episode of the sixth anime adaption.

One Bake-Garasu appears delivering a letter sent by Mana to Kitarō, clutching it in its foot as it flies to GeGeGe Forest.[4] A group of them are later seen transporting Kitaro to various location, lastly above the Yōkai Castle.[5] They informed Kitarō when there was a sudden appearance of powerful yōkai activity by clamoring. One is used by Neko-Musume who was able to get it to relay a message to Kitarō.[6] When Mana was taken by the 808 Tanuki, a cat manages to get the letter and is eventually delivered to a Bake-Garasu, who sends it to Kitarō.[7] Another one delivers a letter, where it seems to have been written by Mana, but is revealed that Nezumi-Otoko sent it instead.[8] Two flocks were later used by Kitarō and Neko-Musume where they flew above Nezumi-Otoko, watching as he is forced to obey a group of women's orders and later flew off.[9] Kitarō uses a flock to fly to Sakaiminato, once being informed by Mana of yōkai activity.[10] Another pair of flocks later aid Mana, Sunakake-Babaa and Medama-Oyaji escape from Kani-Bōzu and transport them to the Daisen Mountain. They later carry them back to Mana's uncle's home to return Shōji back to normal.[11] A flock are used by Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji to get to the island Neko-Musume and Mana invited them to. Later when they reach the island, finding that it is being rampaged by the Gyūki, they fly off once Kitarō lands and faces off against the giant Yōkai.[12]


Flight: As they are birds they are capable of flight. Because of this they are used as transportation and delivery.

Enhanced Strength: Unlike normal crows they are able to carry people, roughly the size of a child. This is shown further within the sixth anime, where a small flock was able to carry Kitarō with ease.[6] Another instance is that they were able to carry Nurikabe high enough for him to land on the walls of a dam.[12]

Yōkai Activity sensing: The Bake-Garasu are able to sense powerful yōkai activity in an area.[6]

Sealing dropping

Human Speech


  • While they are referred to as crows in the episodes of the sixth anime, They are still referred to as Bake-Garasu in products.[13]


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