Bake-Tōrō or Bake-Dōrō (化け灯籠 Bake-Tōrō, lit. Monster Stone Lantern) is a stone lantern Yōkai.


Bake-Tōrō is a tsukumogami, specifically of a stone lantern called the tōrō, and his appearance resembles that ishi-dōrō variety. He has an onion-shaped finial being held by the lotus-like support, an umbrella top with four horns covers the firebox that is cracked sideways, it sits on top of a platform that has slits at the front, representing his mouth, a short post, and the base that also has four horns protruding outwards. Within the firebox is where his eyes appear from each window, each with a red iris and orange sclerae. Two fireballs are always floating near at all times, acting as his hands.[1]



2007 Anime

Bake-Toro2007 EP57.jpg

Bake-Tōrō appears in episode #57 of the fifth anime adaptation, Legendary Yōkai Nue!!.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Human Control:

Lightning Manipulation: Unlike a normal Bake-Tōrō, he took in lightning power, allowing him to summon bolts of lighting at will. He is also immune to normal lightning attacks.



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