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Bakerō (バケロー Bakerō) is a yōkai soul living in a cell phone in the 2007 anime.


Bakerō is a yōkai soul, thus he has no constant form, however his eye is shown with a green iris no matter what device he possesses. When he was under Hyakume's ownership he took the form of a wooden staff with a large eyeball on top. He possessed multiple other devices before settling on a red and black flip phone, with a black octagonal keypad and a square screen. The cover of the phone has a square hole where Bakerō's eye can see through.[1]



2007 Anime

Bakerō appears in episode 55 of the 2007 anime adaption, The Curse of Hyakume.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Object Possession: After the destruction of the wooden staff he originally inhabited, his soul went on to possess multiple other devices until he settled on a cellphone which he now resides in.[1]

Phone Physiology: Within his current body, he is capable of using the phones' functions, such as being able to call others, though with the keypad having to act as a rotary dial.




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