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Balmond (バルモンド Barumondo) is a mummy and is a descendant of a royal yōkai family of Egypt.


Balmond's Appearance

Balmond is a mummy that has a muscular build, his entire body is wrapped in bandages, save for his left eye and mouth, with several strands falling. He has dull brown skin and has a few strands of hair peeking out from under the bandages. Additionally his mouth is filled with sharp teeth and his left eye is shown to have a red sclera with a yellow iris and a small black pupil. He wears gold jackal shoulder plates with some orange strands that fall to the sides, a gold Usekh with orange markings on the upper section, and green markings on the lower section, a pair of orange armbands with gold rims, a purple loincloth with a green sash that has a gold border attached to it and light brown sandals. He also carries around silver staff, adorned with a gold ankh at the top.


Balmond's tribe was depicted as a noble or a royal family among the Egyptian yōkai, and Balmond looked down Backbeard as being "a guy with a short history".


Fifth Anime

Powers and Abilities

Explosive Energy Fire: When it explodes, blasts of fire bursts out.

Piercing Wrapping

Binding Wrapping

Sword Wrapping

Drilling Wrapping

Energy Draining



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