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Beto-Beto-san (べとべとさん Beto-Beto-san) is a forest yōkai. He first appears in the live action film GeGeGe no Kitarō.


Beto-Beto-san's appearance is that of a large, round transparent blob with two short, stubby legs and a mouth that is constantly in a big grin. In the original legend, he has no physical form.



2018 Anime

Beto-Beto-san makes his anime debut in the fourth episode of the 2018 series, The Taboo of the Mysterious Forest. He follows Yūta as Kitarō and Neko-Musume escort him through the GeGeGe Forest. Yūta impresses them both by knowing the proper way to dispel him. After Yūta lets Beto-Beto-san through, he bows politely and goes on his way, disappearing into the forest.[1]

He is seen among the yōkai gathered around the GeGeGe House, trying to drive Agnès out of the forest. They listen to Medama-Oyaji's warning that if they drive her out then the tragedy Malay yōkai will repeat somewhere else. Soon followed by Kitarō as he explains how grave the consequences are if Japan becomes a part of Backbeard's empire, causing them to look at one another. Until their attention is drawn to Kitarō as he stands on his resolve to fight.[2]

Other Media

Live-action film

Beto-Beto-san first appears in the 2007 live-action film sneaking up on and scaring Kenta Miura as he walks home from the Yōkai Post. He is later seen chasing humans away from their apartment building with Kasa-Bake, Bake-Zōri and Nupperabō. They were paid by Nezumi-Otoko and immediately return to the Yōkai World after being defeated and scolded by Kitarō.

Powers and Abilities

Invisibility: Beto-Beto-san is capable of turning invisible, as when the people he follows turn around, they see nothing. When Yūta lets him through he becomes visible momentarily, taking several steps ahead of them, slowly disappearing again.[1]


The Beto-Beto-san will follow people walking alone at night. They will hear footsteps, but when they look back no one will be there. To get rid of the Beto-Beto-san, you only have to step aside and say "After you, Beto-Beto-san".



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