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Caroline (カロリーヌ Karorīnu) is a young yōkai girl and the daughter of Guwagoze. In the original rental manga, she was the daughter of Dr. Gamotsu and was either human or a vampire. She is probably best remembered for her appearance in the 1985 series film GeGeGe no Kitarō: Gekitotsu!! Ijigen Yōkai no Dai-Hanran.


In the theatrical film, Caroline is a young girl with light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Her hair is tied in a braid with a blue bow. She wears an orange dress with a white apron, white socks, and light blue shoes. Her exact age is unknown, but it's implied that she's quite young.


In the theatrical film, Caroline is depicted as a sweet, innocent child. She cares for others, and is quick to make friends, as seen with her relationship with Nezumi-Otoko. She gets upset easily, and cries when Yumeko and Neko-Musume yell at her and Nezumi-Otoko for playing.[1]


Rental Manga/Hakaba Kitarō

Medama-Oyaji speculated that Caroline is a vampire from France.

Shonen Magazine/First Anime

Third Anime (Movie 4)


  • In the movie poster, Caroline is shown with pink hair, but in the actual movie, she has blonde hair.
  • Nariko Fujieda was only 11 years old when she voiced Caroline for the theatrical film.



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