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China Daoshi (茶伊那道士 Chaina-Dōshi) is a daoshi from China and is the one who sealed Xingtian.



He noted that he doesn't care much about his physical body when he lost.


1996 Anime

At some point in the past, he befriended Medama-Oyaji, and he has fought against Xingtian for 4,000 years and sealed the villain 500 years ago. He is said to be the only person who can seal Xingtian, and he has watched over the mummy of Xingtian not to allow the evil yōkai to awoke.

Although his body was petrified and destroyed by Xingtian, he managed to move by his spirit and helped Kitarō to seal the villain again.

Powers and Abilities

China Daoshi is a formidable individual that even Kitarō deeply respected daoshi's capabilities and Medama-Oyaji even called him a monster for his prowess.


Flame Resistance: China Daoshi has considerable durability to completely withstand Xingtian's fire breath without any visible damages.

Body Regeneration: He said his physical form will regenerate and recover in around 300 years.

Combat Skills:

Physical Strength:

Spirit Controlling: Even when his physical body is destroyed, the daoshi's can move and bring objects.

Protection Aura:

Energy Blast:

Size Shifting:



Special Talisman:It has to be attached on Xingtian's forehead otherwise the sealing won't be completed.


  • His name is a pun on "China".