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For the High Priest, see Tompo.

Chinpo (チンポ Chinpo, slang for Penis) is a yōkai and antagonist of Kitarō. He usually works with Akamata and Yashi-Otoshi as the Yōkai Army. He is an original yōkai created by Shigeru Mizuki and first appeared in the Kitarō's World Obake Tour chapter The Yōkai Seven Samurai. In the 2007 anime, his name was shortened to Po (ポ). In the 2018 anime, he is referred to as Chin-san (チンさん Chin-san) as a joke within the episode of his full name's meaning.


Chinpo looks relatively human, with tan skin, face paint under his eye and a beard across his chin. His oddest feature is that he has three penises. He is usually depicted completely naked except for wearing bangles on his wrists and ankles, though in the anime adaptations he also wears some form of cloth around his waist. In his original manga appearance his hair was cut short, but in the anime adaptations, it is usually long.


In the manga, he was a very self-serving individual to judge who to side with depending on payments; he easily betrayed Dracula initially and Kitarō and others later for payments. In the third anime, he has "traditional" views on hierarchy between Yokai and humans to consider humans a low-ranked being, and has human slaves or servants of his own.


Chinpo is a country bumpkin yōkai from South Asia. He can fire jet streams out of his penises in order to fly and he can fart out gas bombs.

While there have been several illustrations by Mizuki for Chinpo to fight against Kitarō, they have never done so in manga.


First appearing in Kitarō's World Obake Tour, he was hired by Dracula to kidnap Medama-Oyaji to use for his eye transplant. Dracula paid him ¥​20,000 for the job, but he eventually switched sides when the Kitarō Family offered to pay him 10x as much to give up.

1985 Anime

He appears in the first movie based on the third anime adaption, GeGeGe no Kitarō (1985 film). He is the leader of the Yōkai Army and teams up with Nurarihyon to conquer Japan. His skin is tan, his hair is lavender, his bangles are yellow and his face paint is red. Chinpo takes no part in the action, leaving everything to his minions Akamata, Yashi-Otoshi, Kijimuna and Kōryū. After all of his minions are defeated and Kitarō makes Kōryū attack and sink their ship, he and Nurarihyon try to escape in a motorboat but crash into a rock why arguing over the controls. Chinpo then flies off into the sky and escapes.

1996 Anime

He appears in the movie based on the fourth anime adaption, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Dai-Kaijū. Chinpo is instead Akamata's subordinate, alongside Yashi-Otoshi and Kijimuna. His skin is brown, his hair is a grayish-brown, his bangles are red and he wears a white cloth around his waist. His eye paint is blue and he has a red nose. In this version, Chinpo demonstrates an ability to fire machine gun-like flame bullets from his penises. His penises are also shown to be his weakness. In the end, he and the others return to their home island peacefully after Akamata reforms.

2007 Anime

The South Asian Yokai Five in the 2007 anime.

He appears in episode 71 and 76 of the 5th anime adaption, Southern Yōkai Landing on Japan!! and Strongest Tag Battle!! Southern & Chinese Yōkai!!

In this adaption, he is renamed Po. His skin is light blue, his hair is yellow, his bangles ares red and his eye makeup is red. He wears a brown cloth around his waist and a conch shell on a string around his neck. He flies by farting real hard and can fire an ultro sonic beam from his mouth, which he calls the Po Beam. Po is depicted as a fairly goofy character and ends his sentences with "po" a lot. While his more vulgar aspects, such as his three penises, are missing from this adaptation, he does use Ittan-Momen as a loincloth at one point.

He is also a member of the South Asian Yōkai Five (南方妖怪五人衆) along with Akamata, AsanbosamYashi-Otoshi, and Langsuyar.

2018 Anime

Chinpo appears in the opening of the sixth anime during the tug-o-war scene. He is depicted naked and in his 3rd anime colors.

He makes his first appearance in the series proper in episode #84, Chin-san, The Foreign Worker.

Powers and Abilities

Chinpo's fire balls in 1996 movie

Triple Penis Jet in 1985 movie


Wind Blowing: In manga, he can blow winds from his three penises. This is also used for his flight.

Triple Penis Jet (三連チンポ噴射 Sanren-Chinpo-Funsya): In the 1985 anime, he emitted jets from his three penises to fly.

Fire Balls: In the 1996 anime, he can shoot balls of fire in a manner similar to machine-guns.

Po Beam: In the 2007 anime, Po is able to shoot ring-shaped beams from his mouth.

Poisonous urine, Feces, Explosive Fart:Mizuki noted these abilities in an interview on a TV program of Hey! Spring of Trivia, but was never used in the series.

Eye Beam, Psychokinesis: These abilities have been mentioned in several medias including books, magazine, toy cards, etc.

Fire Breath: In the video game GeGeGe no Kitarō: Ikuzo Minnade Yōkai Taiji!!, Chinpo breathed fire from his mouth.






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