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Cihuateteo (シンナテテオ Shintenanao) is a yōkai from Mexico.




Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

She appeared as a minion of Nurarihyon.

One lives in the rock caverns of the Spirit World. Along with Iwaryū, Dasuza, Nugu, Tsuchi-Gumo, and the Greenland Evil Spirit, she and the others attacked Kitarō when they were playing "Spirit World Hide and Seek" in the caverns.[1]

Powers and Abilities


In Aztec Mythology, the Cihuateteo are believed to be the malevolent spirits of women who died in childbirth. Because childbirth was conceptually equivalent to battle in Aztec culture, they are likened to the spirits of male warriors that died in violent conflict. Where according to tradition, a woman in labor was said to capture the spirit of her newborn child, similar to how in battle a warrior captures his opponent. These spirits are also associated with the west, the place where the sun sets each day.


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