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Not to be confused with Datsui-Babaa.

Datsue-Babaa (奪衣婆 Datsue-Babaa, lit. old woman who strips clothes), or Sōzuka-Babaa (葬頭河婆 Sōzuka-Babaa, old woman from the river who count the dead) is an ugly hag of a yōkai.


Datsue-Babaa's full appearance

In the sixth anime, Datsue-Babaa has a baggy face, with pale skin, pale white messy hair held by a dark gray headband and pointy ears. She wears a gray kimono that reaches to her knees.[2]



Shonen Magazine

1968 Anime

Shinigami Tai-Senki

Kitarō Jigoku Arc

1985 Anime

Kunitori Monogatari

2018 Anime

She makes a brief appearance in the seventh episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Ghost Train. She appears behind the ghost train's window, swiftly passing as the company boss sees her. Soon as the train becomes dark, she appears as a black figure haunting him. He tries to escape from her, but his legs are caught by several hands from the floor, she moves to the ceiling just above him revealing her face him to as she draws closer to him. His employee wakes him, as he thinks it was a dream, but feels pain from his legs and finds purple hand marks from the hands that were grabbing him.[2]

Western Yōkai Arc

Datsue-Babaa is later among the many yōkai inhabitants of GeGeGe Forest to help Kitarō fight off the Western Yōkai and witnesses the fire breaking out around the forest.[3]

Final Chapter: Nurarihyon Arc

Powers and Abilities

Darkness Manipulation: Datsue-Babaa is able to conceal herself in darkness, appearing as a black figure and is able to move with it, appearing from the lower wall of the train cart to the ceiling.[2]

  • Levitation: In the quick moment she appeared by the window of the Ghost Train, which was crossing a river, she was floating just above the lower part of the glass. During this, she was also surrounded by small black particles.[2]


The Datsue-Babaa, alternatively known as Sōzuka-Babaa, Shōzuka-no-Baba Uba-Gami, Uba-Son, of legend ferries the dead across the Sanzu river along with her male counterpart Keneō. She and Keneō live under a big tree on the river's far side. Then Datsue-Babaa breaks the fingers of the sinner as punishment for stealing and together with Keneō, tie the misfortunate sinner's head to his feet. Datsue-Babaa then strips the sinner and Keneō hangs the garments on a branch of their tree; then the pair send the sinner to the judgment.


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