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The Design Statue (デッサン像 Dessan-Zō) is a yōkai and a school mystery at Mana's school.[1]


The Design Statute appears as a gray bust of a male figure with curly hair, plump limps and a thick neck. His head is positioned to face slightly to his left and his eyes point faintly upward. Under his eyes are the blood trails from its crying.[1]


Not much is known about the Design Statue, however he is a bit mischievous as he is among the yōkai who prank humans of the school.[1]


2018 Anime

The Design Statue along with the other seven mysteries were captured by Yōsuke-kun, and were hung up in the gymnasium when he believed that they were after Hanako-san. After Yōsuke-kun was defeated, he is rescued and returns back to the art room.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Blood Tears: The Design Statue is able to cry tears of blood.[1]


The Design Statue seems to be based on actual Weeping statues that cry blood or other substances. The statues are usually of Christian statues, such as the Virgin Mary, weeping by supernatural means. Phenomena that are claimed to sometimes associate with these statues are miraculous healing, the formation of figures in the tear lines, and the scent of roses.



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