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Doku-Musume is a Hanyō that uses the poison in her body as a weapon and is the manager of a rat poison shop.[1]


Doku-Musume is a woman with plump limps and long dark hair, where the right of her face is covered by it. She wears a flowing dress with frilly cuffs and collar and a sash around her waist.[1]



She seduces Kyūso-Ō and stole money from the Bank of Japan and then poisoned him. She tries to get away, but Kitarō spotted her and went after her. She tried to get him off her trail, but failed and was seriously injured. She was nursed to health in the GeGeGe House and reformed.[1] During the fight with Raglesia, her blood was sucked by the flower Yōkai, killing it and Doku-Musume. A tomb was made for her by the residents of Raglesia's island.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Poison Manipulation: Doku-Musume's body had poison which she was able to control and used as a weapon, having used it to poison Kyūso-Ō.[1] Even her blood had poison which was strong enough to kill Raglesia.[2]