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Dracula III (ドラキュラ三世 Dorakyura Sansei) is a vampire and a member of the Western Yōkai's Young Generation.


Dracula III is a young vampire with pale white skin, pointy ears, long white nails, and fangs. His hair is blond hair with some orange highlights and is slicked upward, its numerous spiky strands pointing to his upper right, though some fall down in a small tuft on the right of his forehead. He has sharp eyes with pink sclerae, magenta irises, and slit black pupils, above them are a pair of distinct forked eyebrows where the lower pair ends as normal while the higher pair ends curve upward. He wears a pink, button-up dress shirt under a black long-sleeved suit with matching pants and shoes, covering his ensemble is a black cape with a high collar and a red underside tied together with a black string around a pair of gold buttons.



2007 Anime

Powers and Abilities



  • In Dracula III's official artwork, his hair color is shown to be dark teal and his skin is rather fair.



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