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The Dream Bell Girl (夢繰りの鈴の少女 Yumekuri no suzu no shōjo)[1] is a young girl who became a yōkai after her death and now resides in the Dream World.[2]


The Dream Bell Girl is a little girl with black hair, her bangs are cut in a blunt style, two strands of hair stick out in front of her ears, and the back hair is tied in a bun. She has fair skin and her eyes have teal irises. Her outfit consists of a red yukata, yellow obi, and pale yellow sandals with red straps. In her transformed state her hair turns white, her skin becomes pale white, and red marks appear around her eyes, which now have black sclerae, small pointed yellow irises and pupils.[2]


The Dream Bell Girl has a calm demeanor, wanting to bring adults who suffer in life to the Dream World, where they played with her as children. Though because she was sacrificed at a young age for a river god, she grew a tremendous grudge as a yōkai. Dying before she was able to grow up. When Kitarō arrived to free the adults from the dream, she aimed to kill Kitarō so he too would die young and join her.

After her defeat, she is seen as seemingly tranquil and accepting her defeat. However after Akinori tells her that he will never come to the Dream World again. She replies that she certainly hope so and lets out a sinister smile with her teeth bared, showing that she has not given up on her intent.[2]


2018 Anime

She appears in episode 14 of the sixth anime adaption, Makura-Gaeshi and the Fantastic Dream. In this episode, it is revealed that the Dream Bell Girl was formerly a human, who became a yōkai after her death; she was sacrificed to a river god in order to stop a flood. In her memories, there was a man who tied a bell around her neck and said the phrase "may you at least have good dreams" before she was sent over a ledge and into a raging river, blindfolded.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Teeth Alteration: The Dream Bell Girl is capable of altering the shape of her teeth, having shown a hideous smirk with her teeth becoming sharper. It is unknown whether this is due to becoming a yōkai or being within the Dream World.[2]

Former Powers and Abilities

Yōkai Form: While normally appearing as a young girl, with the use of the Bell of Dream Control she can alter her appearance, giving herself pale white skin, red markings on her face, and changing her hair from black to white.[2]

  • Hair Manipulation: While in this form she can grow her hair almost limitlessly, flooding the shared dream of the adults she brought with her own hair. She is also able to use her hair to come together to act as a shield.[2]

Former Equipment

Bell of Dream Control (夢繰りの鈴 Yumekuri no suzu): The Bell of Dream Control was her main source of power. It allowed her to freely bring people to the Dream World, and control what is within it. The bell was destroyed after Medama-Oyaji blasted it, splitting it in half.[2]



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