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The Dream World is a dimension where people's dreams take place in the GeGeGe no Kitarō series.


The Dream World is a world where people's dreams are the landscape, thus it is not consistent and changes between people's dreams.

Makura-Gaeshi explains that when humans dream, they visit the Dream World. Yumekichi's recurring dream was a field with several flowers and many tree stumps of varying size. Makura Gaeshi's area resembles a forest with leafless trees giving off a horrifying air around it and a small lake, near the base of the trees, is a hammock made of spiderwebs that is tied by opposing branches, plants and fungi appear larger around this area.[1]

In the 2018 anime, Makura-Gaeshi explains that the Dream World is a place where crazy dreams come true and that just a thought can affect the world. Entering a dream that normally only a single person is seeing can cause the Dream World to become unstable.

The area outside of the dreams appear as a vast space filled with pink clouds, and people who fall in may get stuck in their own dreams, such as Neko-Musume's cathedral wedding and Mana's classroom of Yōkai. Within the dream shared among the adults brought their by the girl with the Bell of Dream Control, it is a country landscape in the summer, with a bright blue sky, fields of sunflowers, mountains and a shallow lake with several large rocks. When it was changed by the girl the sky became red and the rock where the children are on starts floating, it returns back to normal once the Bell of Dream Control was shattered.[2]


The Dream World exists in a different world and is normally accessed by sleeping and can be physically accessed via a rainbow bridge.[1]

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