Fake Kitarō (ニセ鬼太郎, Nise Kitarō) is a young boy who believes that Kitarō is impersonating him.


Fake Kitarō looks physically similar to Kitarō except he doesn't cover his left eye and he wears a black and yellow checkered vest instead of striped.


He first started as a selfish boy. But his experiences in Hell had changed him


Fake Kitarō first appeared sneaking up on Kitarō, later Kitarō saw him walking outside the window of school and started to chase him. He became friends with Nezumi-Otoko, while Neko is singing on the stage, Nezumi-Otoko told Fake Kitarō to throw a rat to stage and Neko started to chase the rat as the crowds of people started to run away. Fake Kitarō quickly replaced his vest with Kitarō's really fast while people are still running away, After he appears, he brings Neko to a bridge. Kitarō comes back home and found out that Neko is missing and he ran outside and found Fake Kitarō, Fake Kitarō pushes Neko off the bridge and jumps too, Kitarō does the same. Fake Kitarō later wakes up and finds himself in a mysterious island and sees Medama-Oyaji flattened and walking up, Him and Medama-Oyaji travel to a house.



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