The Four Treasonous Generals are a group of Yōkai that are imprisoned in Jigoku. They work individually, each had tried to break the laws of nature, of both the underworld and the world of the living.[1]


Four Generals of Jigoku Arc

The four were freed by someone during the era name change, that caused the spell protecting the underworld to be unstable, allowing them to escape the Prison of Treason. One of them went on to burn the Kidōshū village.[1]


  1. Nue: His soul is currently absorbed by Rei Isurugi, the last of his Kidōshū clan.[1]
  2. Kurobōzu: Once defeated, his soul is sent back to Jigoku.
  3. Ibukimaru: The Kidō, son of Shuten-Dōji. His crime was that he massacred an entire country as revenge for his deceased love. Once he puts his human lover to rest, he willingly lets himself be re-imprisoned in Jigoku.[2] Had permission from Enma-Daiō, where half of his soul remains in the prison and the other half stays with Rei to train him.[3]
  4. Tamamo-no-Mae: The Nine-Tailed Fox, the one who burned the Kidōshū village.[3]


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