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Fukitsu-Mushi (不吉虫 Fukitsu-Mushi, lit. Ominous Insect) is a worm Yōkai that appeared in the chapter Yōkai Insect of the Akuma-kun manga.


Fukitsu-Mushi resembles a giant worm or hairy caterpillar in general but with a rounded face with a vertebrata-like mouth with fangs and a tongue.


Fukitsu-Mushi is very hungry and craves to devour objects made of iron in order to grow and easily go in a rampage.



Fukitsu-Mushi caused a havoc by consuming various metallic items including pans, cars, trains, and railroads. However, it was later defeated with sea waters and was melted down to its bones.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Body: Fukitsu-Mushi is capable of causing mass destructions to modern cities as it has a body consist of iron, and its durability is immense, that it was completely immune to any attacks by Mephisto II or gasoline-based flames. However, its iron body is weak against liquids containing salt, which severely rusts and melts its body.

Iron Consumption: Fukitsu-Mushi is able to consume iron, growing larger the more objects made of iron it consumes.

Immense Strength: Fukitsu-Mushi is capable of causing mass destruction to cities thanks to its large size.


Fukitsu-Mushi's description in the manga resembles that of Pulgasari or Bulgasari (불가사리, lit. Starfish), however Pulgasari is often depicted as a bovid including Mizuki's own illustration[1] and is sometimes considered as a holy beast that defeats evil and nightmares. In Mizuki's book, the tale of Fukitsu-Mushi says it initially appeared as a tiny worm, and unlike in the manga, was defeated by boiled oil.[2]


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