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Furari-Bi (ふらり火 Furari-Bi, lit Causual Fire) is a rooster yōkai and a personal steed of Keukegen from the anime and manga series of "GeGeGe no Kitarō".


In the manga, Furari-Bi is a yōkai that is overall indistinguishable from a normal rooster in appearnce, but is much larger in size, allowing. He has a dark plumage, a small beak, a short comb, an average wattle and a feathery tail.

Within the first anime, Furari-Bi is a giant rooster, with a small beak, a dark comb, matching wattle and a light plumage. His wings are tipped with darker feathers, matching those around his face and he has light-colored legs with four toes, three facing forward and one facing back.

In the third anime, Furari-Bi is a giant rooster with a yellow beak, a red comb, a lighter red wattle and face. He has tan feathers covering most of his body, with the exception of his back and tail where it has longer brown feathers. His legs are yellow with three forward facing toes and one facing back.




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