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Gaikotsu-Garasu (ガイコツガラス Gaikotsu-Garasu, lit. Skull Crow) are Yōkai crows with skulls for heads.


The Gaikotsu-Garasu have the bodies of crows with dark feathers, a pair of wings, and short tail feathers. In place of normal heads, they have human skulls with a pair of small horns.



Kitarō's World Obake Tour

Backbeard noticed that a space rocket was hidden within a large comet that fell in England, and he thought of using it for his space trip. Backbeard hid in the clouds and made anyone, including human scientists, approaching the comet dizzy. Backbeard ordered Gaikotsu-Garasu to watch over the comet and notify him whenever someone comes.

Powers and Abilities

Flight: They are capable of flight by flapping their wings.


The Gaikotsu-Garasu may be based on the Útburður, a raven-like creature with a human skull for a head found in Iceland. It is the soul of a child who was abandoned by their mother and left to die in the lava fields. The color of the blanket that their mother wrapped them in matches the color of its feathers. It does not speak unless it finds its mother and says "My mother in the fold of sheep, Do not worry, do not weep, I shall lend you my blood-red rag, For you to wear, for you to wear.“



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