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Gama-Reijō (ガマ令嬢 Gama-Reijō, lit. Toad Lady) is a character from the "Hakaba Kitarō" rental manga story In the Face of the Enemy. The sound of her mouth zipper attracts the affections of Nezumi-Otoko.


Gama-Reijō resembles a human woman, though her species is unknown. Her most defining characteristic is the zipper that hangs from her mouth. Her eyes are quite large, and she has long eyelashes. She has short, curly black hair. Her clothes consist of a white pearl necklace and a red dress.




Hakaba Kitarō (2008) Anime

Gama-Reijō is shown giving Fake Kitarō well-wishes when she's introduced as their new neighbor, showing the boy her zipper mouth. She's oblivious to Nezumi-Otoko and the London Werewolf, who are pining over her in another room. After being attacked by the London Werewolf, Kitarō tells her to move away so that she won't get hurt again. Taking his advice, she quickly and quietly moves out of the apartment complex.

Powers and Abilities

Zipper Mouth: She oddly has a zipper on her lips, which can act as a regular zipper, sliding from one side of her mouth to the other.


  • Gama-Reijō heavily resembles the cartoon character Betty Boop.


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