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First issue of Garo, September 1964

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Monthly Manga Garo (月刊漫画ガロ, Gekkan Manga Garo), better known simply as Garo (ガロ), was a manga magazine published monthly by Seirindō from 1964 to 2002. Garo was the magazine that gave Shigeru Mizuki his first success with serialized manga.

He debuted with the story Immortality Jutsu in the magazine's first issue. He would go on to publish many other stories in it, including Kitarō's Night Tales and The Man Who Couldn't Catch a Star.

Mizuki works published in Garo

May 1968 issue of Garo, featuring Mizuki's story "The White Flag"

Serialized works

One Shots

  • Immortality Jutsu (debut)
  • The Wart
  • The Order
  • Cat Ninja
  • Shinpen Hōjōki
  • Oh, So Cruel
  • Kami-sama
  • The Sweet Aroma of Luck
  • Empty Dream
  • Fuku-no-Kami
  • Dream Rations
  • Alchemy
  • You, The Rich, Must Not Go On
  • Mammoth Flower
  • The Legendary Kamoi
  • Namahage
  • The Man Who Destroyed the Future
  • Wheel World
  • The Mysterious Book of the Dead
  • Yōkai Mass Media
  • Future Tokyo
  • Japanese Gods: The People are Too Lucky
  • The White Flag
  • The Five Yen Coin
  • The Rotary
  • Akahachi
  • Kinoko

Other notable works published in Garo