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The GeGeGe House (ゲゲゲハウス GeGeGe Hausu) is a tree house that Kitarō and his father, Medama-Oyaji, live in. In the fifth anime adaptation, it became a yōkai after Ido-Sennin spilled a substance he created that was meant to enlarge leaves and use them to fly. In this instance, it was voiced by Shigeru Chiba.


The GeGeGe House and the GeGeGe Forest that surrounds it (in most adaptions) can vary in small details, but are generally similar.

Exterior Design

In the fifth anime, the GeGeGe House is a small shack made of wood with white walls, wooden frames and a single door with several windows. It sits atop a short deck having railings with few balusters holding it. The structure is built on top a short, curved tree trunk with a single thin branch with leaves, attached to it is a wooden stairway with no railings that spirals around it. Surrounding it are grass, small ponds and several dead trees with the Yōkai Post situated a few feet in front of it.[1]

Interior Design


2007 Anime

Unlike the other adaptations, this GeGeGe House is not surrounded by a forest. Instead, the surrounding area is mostly dead and Ido-Sennin calls it a dump.

In episode #48 of the 5th anime adaptation, the GeGeGe House became a yokai that aspired to be like Kitarō. It was very friendly, somewhat childish and had a strong sense of justice. The Yokai Yokocho made it a pair of geta sandals and a Chanchanko upon its request to look like Kitaro. He is able to use the Yokai Antenna, Remote Controlled Geta, and Spirit Hair Chanchanko in the episode.

GeGeGe House.PNG

It grew fearful after being taken down once by Tsuchi-Korobi and after seeing Kitarō get defeated, too. After Medama-Oyaji told the GeGeGe House that it is the only one able to defeat Tsuchi-Korobi and should be courageous like Kitarō, it shook off its fear. After Kitaro got back up with the help of Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko, the GeGeGe House and Kitaro brought down Tsuchi-Korobi together. After the battle, Ido-Sennin arrived with a new substance that can reverse the effects placed on the House. It happily took the substance and used it immediately, reverting back into a normal tree house, far from where it is supposed to be. Nurikabe lifted the House and brought it back to its original location.[2]

2018 Anime

In the sixth anime adaptation, the GeGeGe House is surrounded by water and a lush green forest, unlike the fifth anime adaptation.[3]




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