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Gokan-Ō (五官王 Gokan-Ō) is a subordinate of Enma-Daiō and one of 13 Kings of Jigoku in the 2007 anime.


Gokan-Ō is a very tall man with pale purple skin, a thick build, a somewhat bulbous nose, pointy ears and messy black hair with bushy eyes brows, this mustache and a messy beard. His eyes have white sclerae, dull yellow irises and black pupils. His outfit consists of a blue robe with an orange underside and purple and red belt, baggy gray pants, white socks and black shoes. Around his wrists are white bandage wrappings and atop his head is a Pu'tou, a black hat with long thin “wings”.



Fifth Anime


Episode 27: He appears along with Jami in episode #27 of the fifth anime adaptation, The Law of Jigoku! Run, Nezumi Otoko.

Episode 88: He makes another appearance in Yōkai Do-or-Die Spirit!! Hell Traversing Quiz!!.

Powers and Abilities

Gokan-O's Barrier.png

With Sō-Daiō, the two king can support entire Jigoku in an absence of Enma-Daiō.

Sword Skills

Energy Shield

Lightning Transportation





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