Golem (ゴーレム Gōremu) is a Western Yōkai and within the fifth anime is a parent figure to Ko-Golem.


Golem appears as a humanoid figure made out of gray clay, with a bulky yet stout build, with stocky arms that end in fingerless hands, below the belt the torso ends abruptly, appearing as if it was the end of a garment, under this are their short thick legs, ending with round feet. Their head consists of a small round stub above a line where the mouth would be and a pair of mounds with indents, making them resemble ears. Because they lack a neck their head rests directly on their torso. They have a dark gray belt with a long thin iron plate that is pointed on both ends attached to it with bolts and another iron plate is placed above it diagonally with the left end being higher and is secured with a pair of bolts.

Golem appeared in the Fourth Anime and the Fifth Anime notably differentiated in physical appearances. The former resembled a bulky humanoid with a face with eyes and a nose. It wore a red singlet.


Golem in the fifth series was depicted as kind-natured, but he was in pain for being enslaved as a weapon for evil and for losing his own control.


1996 Anime

It was controlled by Grimalkin and attacked the Yōkai Hospital, but was defeated by Kitarō. Later, it again attacked Kitarō and others on Yōmajō.

2007 Anime

Episode 87: Golem appears along with the Ko-Golem in Titan! The Golem's Tears.



Golems are creatures from Jewish folklore, said to be animated clay or mud figures. The three most famous golem tales are these about the golems from Chełm, Prague and Vilinus. While the golem of Chełm appears to be the oldest, the Prague one is the most famous. Shigeru Mizuki most likely based his depiction of this entity on a movie loosely inspired by the latter story, The Emperor and the Golem.

According to the most common version of the golem narrative, it was created to protect Prague's Jewish community from persecution, but its creator had to eventually destroy it after losing control over the figure's actions. In many versions the golem is defeated when the rabbi who created it ereases the first letter of the formula animating it, changing "emet" (truth) into "met" (death).



Golem's appearance in the second opening.

  • Golem's appearance in the second opening of the fifth series is based on the original illustration by Shigeru Mizuki, while his appearance used in the anime itself is drastically different.


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