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Gotoku-Neko (五徳猫 Gotoku-Neko, lit. Kettle Stand Cat) is a cat Yōkai who first appeared in the Mizuki Pro manga Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō. It has been portrayed as both male and female.




Kitarō Kunitori Monogatari

When Shisa knew that Kitarō is visiting Okinawa by the Yōkai Newspaper, Shisa was excited for their reunion and went to greet him with his pet cat. On the way, however, Shisa mistook a grave as an inn, and the cat was possessed by a Shibitodama and transformed into a Gotoku-Neko. As the Gotoku-Neko became much bigger and vicious, Shisa was overpowered and enslaved to work for hims, and eventually tried to devour the former master. Shisa was able to flee and reached to Kitarō, however Kitarō was defeated by Gotoku-Neko. It was when Shisa's parents pinned down Gotoku-Neko, and Netarō pulled out the Shibitodama, and Gotoku-Neko was turned back to the original cat.

Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

At some point in the past, Gotoku-Neko and Tesso kidnapped Jigoku-Dōji's lover Yūko. With her power, Gotoku-Neko forced Yūko to work as an idol in the living world and was making profits. When they confronted Kitarō, Kitarō broke Gotoku-Neko's horns with Finger Guns, and Gotoku-Neko recovered her instinct as a cat, and started to battle against Tesso, and the two ended up into a "ball".

Later, presumably the same individual attended to the conference of villainous Yōkai against Kitarō.

1985 Anime

1996 Anime


Gotoku-Neko Fire Attack.png

Menacing: In 1996 anime, he can create a menacing vision of himself and scaring voice.

Tree Branch Controlling: Gotoku-Neko can control branches of nearby trees and binds targets.

Gas Emission: Gotoku-Neko can breathe out a white gas as a diversion to trick foes.

Spirit Taking:

Dead Controlling: Gotoku-Neko can enable dead people to stay in the living world and work as living individuals.

Gohenge (五変化 Gohenge, lit. Five Transformations): Gotoku-Neko can split into five clones.


Bamboo Pipe: Gotoku-Neko owns a large bamboo pipe in the 1996 anime, that is capable of releasing a powerful but short-ranged, fire blast.


The Gotoku-Neko is a type of Bake-Neko, where it wears an upside-down kettle stand, or trivet, on top of its head. It can be found sitting around the irori, an in-floor hearth found in old country houses of Japan, and tending the fire by using a bamboo pipe to blow on it. Its name can also mean five virtues of Confucianism.



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