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Greenland Evil Spirit (グリーンランドの悪霊 Gurīnrando no Akuryō) is a yōkai from Greenland.




Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

In the chapter eight The Great Spirit World Battle, it appeared as a minion of Nurarihyon.

It lives in rock caverns of the spirit world. Along with Iwaryū, Dasuza, Nugu, Tsuchi-Gumo, and Cihuateteo, it attacked Kitarō and others when they were playing "Spirit World Hide and Seek" in the caverns.

Powers and Abilities


It is invisible to the human eye, sneaking into houses to play pranks and perform various wrongdoings. It is described to be a typical evil ghost who died in an accidents or was sacrificed. It normally lives in the coastal regions along the Smith Strait. In Mizuki's book, it was also referred to as the feared and evil sea god Aipaloovik, who is associated with death and destruction and is a danger to all fishermen. He is considered the opposite of Anguta, the father of Sedna.