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Cover of Vol. 17 of Kankō Takeuchi's Hakaba Kitarō

After Shigeru Mizuki was fired by Togetsu-Shobō from Hakaba Kitarō, the series continued with story and art by Kankō Takeuchi. The Takeuchi series ran from 1960 until Togetsu folded in 1962.

For the first six books (Vol. 4~9), the story was written by Masami Itō, the original author of the Hakaba Kitarō kamishibai. Starting with the seventh book (Vol. 10), Takeuchi took over as both artist and writer.


This series largely affected Mizuki's series. Takeuchi's version originally created the basis of the series to involve battles and depicts Kitarō as a hero, and Takeuchi introduced Enma-Daiō and Western Yōkai and Nine-Tailed Fox into the series.

It also contributed to the creation of Kappa no Sanpei.


  • Volume 4: Kitarō and the Tree Neko-Musume
  • Volume 5: Kitarō and Kumo-Otoko
  • Volume 6: The Jigoku Express
  • Volume 7: The Tokyo Whirlwind Arc
  • Volume 8: Roar of the Beast Arc
  • Volume 9: The Yōko's Counterattack
  • Volume 10: The Ancient Hell Castle
  • Volume 11: The Terrible Demon Castle
  • Volume 12: The Horrible Bottomless Swamp
  • Volume 13: (Untitled)
  • Volume 14: Beast Village
  • Volume 15: Dance of the Oni
  • Volume 16: Freezing Hell
  • Volume 17: The Headless Demon
  • Volume 18: The Great Terror of Tokyo
  • Volume 19: The Oni-Baba's Counterattack