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This is the article on the Yōkai girl who haunts a school's bathroom. For other uses, see Hanako.

Hanako-san (花子さん Hanako-san) is a Yōkai girl who haunts a school's bathrooms, she is also known as Hanako of the Third Floor Girl's Bathroom.[1]


Hanako-san's appearance

Hanako-san has the appearance of a cute girl with short dark purple hair that is styled in a bob cut held by a red headband, eyes that have mauve irises and purple pupils, and pale white skin. She wears a white blouse under a red skirt with suspenders, white socks, and white shoes with red tips. Two small floating blue fireballs, or hitodama, follow her around.[1]


Hanako-san has a quiet and shy demeanor, and is relatively friendly, having given Yōsuke toilet paper when he needed it. Though she is understandably disturbed by his insane love for her, to the point that she is forced to flee from the bathroom where she lives. She does however have a bit of mischief, as she is among the yōkai who prank humans of the school.[1]


2018 Anime

Hanakso-san at the Yōkai Hotsprings.

When Mana calls Neko-Musume for help because of strange occurrences happening to her, Neko-Musume speculates that it could be one of the yōkai haunting her school. Mana lists her school's seven mysteries, among them is Hanako-san who can found on the third floor's girl's bathroom. Neko-Musume mentions that she is a friend of hers, and decides to ask her about this. When they reach her stall however she isn't there. She appears in person at the hot springs where Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji are, who take note of her presence and asks what she is doing far away from her stall. She explains to them that she was being stalked by Yōsuke-kun because he got the wrong idea of her being nice to him. After he was defeated by Neko-Musume, she returns to her stall.[1]

She appears fleetingly in the fleeing group in episode #49, Nanashi and Mana.[2]

She also appears in episode #50, Nue, Messenger from Jigoku.[3]

She appears in episode #51, Enma-Daiō's Secret Bargain.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Levitation: She is able to float a few feet above the ground.[2]

Selective Invisibility: Like other yōkai, Hanako-san is capable of making herself invisible to humans.[3]


Hanako-san, otherwise known as Hanako-san of the toilet (トイレのはなこさん Toire no Hanako-san) is a common Japanese urban legend of the spirit of a girl who haunts the girl's bathroom of schools and is usually among a school's seven mysteries.



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