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Not to be confused with Fairy Hanako

Hanako Hashimoto (橋本 花子, Hashimoto Hanako) is the daughter of Shōkichi Hashimoto. She first appeared in the Shonen Magazine story Hakusanbō.

Her name was changed to Haruko (晴子) for the 3rd anime and Akane (茜) for the 4th.


First anime

When she was a baby, her mother had died and her father failed in business to support her. Just as he was about to commit suicide, a fox-spirit name Hakusanbō came to him; to help him under the condition that on her 16th birthday, Hanako must be his bride!

Fortunately, Kitaro (along with Nezumi-Otoko) was there to help father and daughter. Hanako even attached the attention of Nezumi-Otoko, seeing what a beautiful young lady she had become.

Third anime

Fourth anime


  • She looks similar to Keiko Yamada from the "Daikaijū" story


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