The Haniwa-Musha (埴輪武者 Haniwa-Musha, lit. Haniwa Warriors) are clay figure soldiers. In the 1985 anime, they are called Yoroi-Musha (鎧武者 Yoroi-Musha, lit. Armoured Warriors).


In the manga, they come in varying sizes from small doll-like ones, human-sized ones to large towering ones.

Within the 1985 anime, they have the general appearance of a traditional Japanese armored warrior hence they are called Yoroi-Musha.



1985 Anime

A group of identical clay puppets which were controlled by an Ōmukade, they appeared in the 73rd episode Shisa Appears!! The Great Battle of Okinawa.


They appeared as minions to Kyō-Ō in the Comic Bom Bom series Kitarō Kunitori Monogatari in 1991. They were controlled by Kyō-Ō's ultrasound.

2018 Anime

Powers and Abilities

High-Speed Regeneration: The Haniwa-Musha are able to quickly regenerate when it is shattered, so long as there is an available power source. Kyō-Ō's ultrasound in the manga, Ōmukade's thread in the 1985 anime, and an abundance of energy from Mt. Fuji in the 2018 anime.[1]



Sword: The Haniwa-Musha wield a sword, slashing its targets with it.[1]


Haniwa were clay figures buried with the dead in the Kofun period, between the 3rd and 6th century. Many varieties are known, including various human figures, but also animals, houses, and boats. The haniwa depicting warriors are among the most famous today.

Researchers speculate that haniwa were meant to protect the dead from being disturbed, or serve as containers for their souls, though portraying them as animated constructs is largely a product of modern pop culture rather than folklore. A rare exception is a story from the Nihon Shoki in which a haniwa horseman comes alive and lets a man borrow his horse.


  • Haniwa-Musha's appearance in the 1985 anime to wear distinctive head armors may presumably be based on Dai-Majin's "calm" mode.



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