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Hari-Onago (針女子 Hari-Onago), or Hari-Onna (針女 Hari-Onna, lit. Hook or Needle Woman) is a yōkai.


Hari-Onago resembles a woman with a slender build, pale white skin and appears to be limbless. Her most notable feature is her very long, black hair that covers most of her body, they are tipped in barbs and are very durable. She also has no visible mouth and her eyes are entirely orange, lacking any pupils or irises. She wears a pale gray kimono, with an orange obi that also binds some of her hair.[1]



Fifth Anime

Hari-Onago appears in episode #81 of the fifth anime adaptation, Duel!! Yōkai Hunter vs. Hari-Onago.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Barbed Hair: Her hair is tipped with barbs, that she has full control over, allowing her to use it in both offense and defense. Her hair is very durable, with a single strand being able to withstand multiple blasts of Kitarō's Finger Guns.

  • Shadow Severing: Her hair is able to severe a shadow from a person, leaving them in a weakened state. It is possible to only have a small portion severed, as with the case of Gengorō's arm. When a severed shadow is pierced the owner feels the pain. After her defeat the shadows are sent back to their respective owner.

Levitation: Hari-Onago is capable of floating in the air, as well as soaring high in the air.


  • Shigeru Mizuki's creation of Hari-Onago was based on the legends of Nure-Onago.


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