Henjō-Ō (変生王 Henjō-Ō) is a subordinate of Enma-Daiō and one of 13 Kings of Jigoku in the 2007 anime.


Henjō-Ō is a tall woman with tanned skin, pointy ears and long flowing green hair that is tied near the end with a white string. Her eyes have gold irises and black pupils and her lips are orange. Her outfit consists of a pink long-sleeved robe with somewhat baggy pants, over it is a magenta robe without sleeves and over it is a thin, white sideless robe with gold borders and two v-shaped stripes. She wears white baggy arm guards, similar to the tekko, and has a pink cord tied around the three robes at her waist. She also wears red shoes and a hat that has a red round-top, tall black rims with gold tips and pattern and topped with white hair tied with black bands.



2007 Anime

Episode 88: She appears along with the other 13 kings in episode #88 of the fifth anime adaptation, Yōkai Do-or-Die Spirit!! Hell Traversing Quiz!!.


Energy Shield



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