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Hiroto (大翔 (ひろと) Hiroto) is an elementary school student that appears in the first episode of the sixth anime adaption. He is Yūta's classmate and Sōma's younger brother.


Hiroto is a short boy with short brown messy hair and blue eyes. He often wears a short-sleeved blue T-shirt with a yellow star in between a wide white stripe in the middle over a long-sleeved black shirt, red shorts, blue shoes and white socks.


Hiroto often teases his classmate, Yūta.


Hiroto appears in episode one, teasing his classmate Yūta when he believed that a yōkai was the cause of the recent incident at the Shibuya Crossing, as they and his brother Sōma were walking after school. Mana arrives with them and hits Sōma, rather than Hiroto for teasing Yūta. Yūta suggests that they send a letter to Kitarō, but he and his brother tease him, wondering if he knows where the Yōkai Post is, but Mana finds it with the help of someone online. When they find the Yōkai Post in an alley, they watch as Mana drops the letter in it. After she accidentally slips on a bottle, Hiroto and his brother are gone. He is mention the next day by Mana, as he had been bullying Yūta again to Sōma.[1]

In episode two, he and his brother attended "The Batteries"' concert, when suddenly the lights go out and Miage-Nyūdō sends everyone in the stadium to the Spirit World. After Miage-Nyūdō was defeated, everyone who was sent to the Spirit World returns, including Hiroto and his brother, both of whom are confused of what had happened.[2]

In episode 12, after the 808 Tanuki managed to takeover Japan's government and instilled their rules, many fell under their influence, including Hiroto and his brother, who wore Tanuki tails to show their allegiance. He and his brother bully a kid supposedly for being anti-tanuki, but are stopped by Mana. They intimidate her, claiming that they will report her to the Gyōbu-Danuki, but decides to leave, stating that they have enough time to bully the kid again. After the defeat of the 808 Tanuki, things return to normal.[3]




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