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Hitodama (人魂 Hitodama, lit. Human Soul) are souls that appear as floating balls of flames. While primarily being known as the souls of humans, the souls of Yōkai are also depicted with the same appearance.


Within the 2018 anime, they appear as light blue orbs of fire, floating a few feet above the ground. Some appear to have spiral marks around their center.



A hitodama first appears in the first rental manga, The Ghost Family.

1968 Anime

1985 Anime

1996 Anime

2007 Anime

2018 Anime

Miage-Nyūdō's plan is to rule Japan with the unlimited power he can obtain after sending 50,000 souls to the Spirit World. With the help of Nezumi-Otoko, Miage-Nyūdō sends the humans who came to The Batteries' 50,000 crowd concert to Jigoku in the form of Hitodama, only needing four souls left when Kitarō and the others arrive with Nezumi-Otoko. Once he is defeated the humans are returned to the concert area confused.[1]

Zunbera's spiritplasty involves consuming a Hitodama tempura, which Kirara quickly devours to obtain a new face.[2]

A Hitodama was used as a light source for the Kitarō Family, while they were eating crabs at night when they were at Sakaiminato.[3]

Other Media

Spirit and Art

Main Article: Spirit and Art
Spirit and Art is an initiative that is being overseen by Toei Animation. It consists of three projects:
Tamashii no Okuribi: Tamashii no Okuribi (魂の送り火,The Ceremonial Bonfire of the Spirits)
HoloModels: 3D models for the HoloModels smart phone app.
Tamashii no Yukue: Tamashii no Yukue (魂の行方,The Spirit's Whereabouts)

Powers and Abilities


Hitodama in folklore are the visible souls of humans, which have detached from their host bodies and they appear in several colors, such as red, orange or light blue. At night, they are seen floating around in graveyards or other places where people have recently died. They are harmless and are often confused with other fireball yōkai.


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