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Hitotsumebō (一つ目坊 Hitotsumebō, lit. One-Eyed Monk) is a yōkai and a friend of Kagami-Jijii.


Hitotsumebō appears as an amorphous being with white skin, a single eye, a pair of arms and a long tail in place of legs. His eye is shaped like a teardrop, having a red iris and black pupil, surrounding it is a black marking in the shape of a leaf, around it are lines which have hair strands that extend outward and spirals near the bottom, making it resemble a nose and at the top is a red dot. His mouth has two prominent fangs and underneath it are several strands of hair.[1]



2018 Anime

Hitotsumebō helps Kagami-Jijii in finding information about the Four Treasonous Generals under the request of Kitarō. However he is encountered by a human named Rei Isurugi of the Kidōshū, who hunts him down and absorbs his soul.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Levitation: Hitotsumebō is shown to be able to float above the ground.[1]

Enhanced Sight: As demonstrated by Rei, he is able to see from long distances.[1] Medama-Oyaji later states that he can also see through walls.[2]

Other Media

Video Games

GeGeGe no Kitarō: Yōkai Yokochō

Hitotsumebō appears in the game as a Customer Yōkai.[3]




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