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Hoihoi-Bi (ほいほい火 Hoihoi-Bi, lit. Reckless Flame) is a fire yōkai.


Hoihoi-Bi appears as a pair of lavender fireballs circling each other. Both fireballs have smooth edges.[1]



2007 Anime

Hoihoi-Bi was among the fire yōkai gathered to ambush Mashiro. However, he and the other fire yōkai were all frozen after Nezumi-Otoko informed Mashiro on where they were hiding. He was later unfrozen after Yuki-Nyūdo was defeated.[1]

He later appear among the fire yōkai that illuminated where Shōkera was hiding.[2]

Powers and Abilities


A variation of the Janjanbi, the Hoihoi-Bi is the onryō of the military commander Tōtada Tōichi after he was killed by Matsunaga Danjō. If you walk near the Tōichi Castle and yell "Hoi hoi", it flies by while chanting "Jan jan" before disappearing. Anyone that sees it becomes cursed with illness for three days.



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