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The Humpback (ハンプバック) or the Semushi-no-Sei (背むしの精, meaning spirit of humpback) is a yōkai or a spirit from the Malay Peninsula.


The Humpback is yōkai with purple gray skin and animal-like features, having long pointy ears, a long snout, a long torso and spikes on his spine. His eyes have red sclerae with small purple gray pupils.

Within the sixth anime, the Humpback appears relatively the same although he has dark purple skin and his arm and legs were not visible. His eyes are white with small black pupils and the inside of his ear are light purple.[1]



2018 Anime

The Humpback appears along with the other Malay yōkai in episode #27. In this episode, he was one of the few Malay yōkai to stay behind in an attempt to defend their homeland, however, he was killed in the attack along with the Kempas Snake. Wolfgang was identified as one of the assailants.[1]

Powers and Abilities


In Malay, it is called either Bès Bungkok or Hantu Bongkok. The relationship between its name "Humpback" in English and one of its original names "Hantu Bongkok" is not clear.

It will live within old, vacant houses and will haunt people who enter their house and injure their spine, causing to be unable to walk properly.



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