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Hyakume (百目, one hundred eyes) is a yokai.




First Anime

Hyakume first appeared as Hyakume Boy (百目坊) in the first episode of the first anime adaptation, Obake Nighter.

Third Anime

Hyakume appears in episode #65 of the third anime adaptation, Yōkai Hyakume: The Cruise to HellIn this episode, Hyakume fooled his victims into coming to his shrine. These victims were mostly, if not all escaped prisoners, that were hoping Hyakume would free them from the police. Hyakume gathered these prisoners with tainted, malicious souls in order to create a clone of himself. Kitarō disguised himself as an old man who committed murder to enter a prison. At the prison, he found a prisoner who was keeping contact with Hyakume, and aimed to escape the prison and head to Hyakume's shrine to be free. The man was handcuffed to Kitarō, and had no choice but to escape to the shrine with him, although he was supposed to go there alone. Hyakume appears and send them both to Jigoku, where the find out that the prisoners were being used to create a Hyakume Clone. It is revealed that Hyakume knew the disguised old man was Kitarō from the beginning, and Kitarō uses his Ocarina to destroy the handcuffs to fight Hyakume. Kitarō then uses his Ocarina to call Kanadama. He rides Kanadama, and his it shine brightly in order to blind Hyakume. Afterward, Kitarō gets close enough to poke a hole in the inflated Hyakume, defeating him. The prisoners that became one with Hyakume's clone returned to normal. Kitarō states that since the prisoners experienced what Jigoku was truly like, they are likely to have a change in heart. Medama-Oyaji agrees, and states that no human is born evil, and Kitarō believes this as well.[1]

Fifth Anime

Hyakume appears in episode #55 of the fifth anime adaptation, The Curse of Hyakume.


Hyakume appears in Akuma-kun: The Great Prophet Nostradamus as a member of Shingo Yamada's Twelve Apostles, his position unknown.

In Shingo Umoregi's version, Hyakume Child is the only survivor of the race.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Yōkai Power: Hyakume's Yōkai power is noted to be one of the highest among Yōkai.

Flight: By sucking in air through his mouth to inflate himself, Hyakume was able to fly.[1]

Cloning: After sending his victims to Jigoku with his orb, he used them to create a clone of himself. It was said that he required malicious people to create his clone, but also stated that Kitarō should become part of it as well.[1]

Eye Control: Hyakume was able to release the eyes from his body and control them, this can be used to attack his opponents or communicate with others from a distance.[1]

  • Eye Machine Gun: By releasing his eyes from his body at rapid speed, he can fire them at his target.[1]

Gas: Hyakume was able to emit gas from his mouth at his opponents.[1]



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