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Hyakume Child (百目の子, Hyakume no Ko), often referred to simply as Hyakume or Hyakume Boy (百目坊や Hyakume-Bōya), is a character in the Akuma-kun franchise. In Saishinban Akuma-kun and the subsequent anime adaptation, he serves as the sixth of Shingo Umoregi's Twelve Apostles. He is the last survivor of his race, but the reason for his survival is unknown.


Hyakume is a humanoid Akuma with green skin. His most defining features are the multiple eyeballs across his body and face. The area around his mouth and nose is a lighter shade of green. He has a small, pointed nose, and two floppy ears. Some areas of his skin, such as around his stomach and arms, are baggy and loose. He is roughly the same height as Shingo and Mephisto II.




Hyakume appears in Akuma-kun: The Great Prophet Nostradamus as a member of Shingo Yamada's Twelve Apostles, his position unknown.


Hyakume first appears in Episode One of the 1989 Akuma-Kun anime. He's first seen disguised as a human, watching TV from a store window. The owner of the shop is annoyed with him for loitering, but quickly realizes that he's an Akuma, and is shocked. A crowd starts to swarm around Hyakume. Not wanting to draw any further attention, he emits a blinding light from his eyes, stunning the crowd and leaving them confused. Shingo soon encounters Hyakume, and realizes too that he's an Akuma. Hyakume doesn't object when the young boy asks to take him home to his family. However, Shingo's mother makes the young Akuma sleep in the family dog house for the night.[1]

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Powers and Abilities

Eye Launching/Controlling: Hyakume can remove his eyeballs and send them flying in any direction. They can be used to swarm opponents and overwhelm them.[1]

Blinding Light: Hyakume can emit a powerful beam of light from his eyes. This can temporarily stun his opponent.[1]

Image Songs

  • I'm Hyakume (ボク、百目だモン) by Mamoru Taniguchi and Arisu Satō, w/ Sanae Miyuki as Hyakume.


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